An urgent message for anyone desiring health, strength, and a sleek, sexy body!

"How YOU Can Lose 10,15, Even 20 Pounds In The Next 30 Days!"


Are you frustrated because you can't lose weight?

Does it irritate you that people no smarter than you, just kinda like you are able to walk around with a lean, toned, sexy body while no matter what or how hard you try you still struggle with your weight? Walking around all proud and flaunting when you know it should be you? Doesn't it just drive you nuts?

Would you love to lose enough weight so that you can walk all cool and confident in yourself while sleeping easier at night knowing you are drastically reducing your chances of many deadly conditions?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you must read every word on this page because I’m gonna show you how you once and for all finally lose that stubborn body fat once and for all!

Hi, Im Blaine Podaima and I've been a personal trainer and "go to" weight loss expert for almost 20 years.   I help overweight people lose weight quicker and easier than anything they have every tried, with a simple system that can work for almost everyone.  Even if they have the slowest metabolism or have the worst genetics ever.  I must be honest with you, at the end of the day the results come down to you and what you are willing to put into it.

 I bet you have heard this all before…I know how you feel.  You have been bombarded your whole life with the latest and greatest weight loss programs, machines and gimmicks….all which have left you disappointed, frustrated and upset.  I get it.

 Now I didn't always understand weight loss.  In fact I struggled with my weight for long time and grew up overweight as an overweight kid.


My Story

Let me tell you a story.  At first I was rather reluctant to share it with you as it is rather embarrassing, and you will see why in just a minute…

 I grew up on a small farm 100 miles north of Winnipeg.  Yes I grew up driving tractors and feeding cows!  Just like any other kid my age I did the usual stuff…hunting, fishing, sports-especially hockey, and of course helping on the family farm.

 And One other thing…I was Fat.  I also had very bad acne to boot but thats a story for another time.

 For as long as I could remember I always had an issue with food and my love for it, which at times seemed uncontrollable.

 I still remember the junk food, chips, chocolate, Pic A Pop, and of course being Ukrainian there was never any shortage of good home made meals.  I used to eat, eat, and eat some more, and even though I was very active, I was still very much overweight.

 As everyone knows, it can be quite rough for a kid to grow up if they are overweight. The name calling, the teasing, the laughing at, and all that other crap that goes along with it.

 Kids can be very, very cruel.


I Needed To Experience Something Horrific 

 Now I knew that I had a weight problem but I guess  I needed to experience one really embarrassing horrific event to get me on my path to weight loss…

 And thats exactly what happened.

 I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was a sunny fall day in the early 1990’s.  I would have been about 12 at the time. I was wearing black Ocean Pacific pants with pink neon writing and a pink neon t shirt.

 Now this wasn't just any ordinary day.  This day was special….

 It was going to be my first every junior high dance!

 Boy were me and my buddies excited!  All morning we were talking all big how we were going to be dancing with all the girls, which was pretty funny considering we had zero experience with them.

 But that was all going to change that day…right?

 As the dance started I was both excited and nervous.  I mean I really didn't know what to expect.

 It was in the school gym with some cheesy decorations.  All the girls were sitting on one side and all the boys were sitting on the other side.  Exactly how you see in the old cheesy TV shows!

 Everything was going good, we were horsing around like boys like to do…

 And then it happened…the first slow song came on!

 One by one my buddies went up to girls and asked them to dance…and were successful…

 This was it, I had to make my move!

I Was So Nervous My Stomach Was In Knots

 So I went up to a girl I liked and asked her to dance…she said “no.”

 I then went to her friend beside her and asked her to dance…she said “no.”

 I could feel the embarrassment hit me like a 10 ton brick. 


I Wanted To Crawl In A Hole And Die!

 I went up the whole row and asked every single girl to dance.  One by one they all said “no.” I never got to dance once that day.  I just shrugged it off and pretended it was all good…but deep down inside I was devastated.

 Honestly, it was one of the longest days of my life…I could not wait for that stupid dance to end.

 I was so upset, angry, and embarrassed all at once…it was beyond brutal.

 I remember I when I got home I told my mom what happened.  Of course she said it was ok and to not let it bother me.  I mean what else was she really going to say?


 But I Know The Real Reason Why…It Was Because I Was FAT!

 I decided at that very moment to make a change that would affect my life forever…

 I said to myself: “I will never feel this way again and I will solve this stupid weight loss problem, or die trying!”

 This was before the internet, so all I had was the health and fitness magazines to go by.  From this point on became obsessed with working out and dieting.  I crash dieted and ran like crazy.

 And guess what?


 I Lost All The Weight…Over 50 Pounds!

 The way people reacted and the way I felt was unbelievable!  The name calling and teasing stopped and were replaced with compliments.  People that were once making fun of me all of a sudden wanted to by my friend.  Even though I was no different as a person the way people treated me was like night and day.

 I looked and felt great!... The once shy kid I was now walking with my head high and brimming with confidence!

 It was a surreal experience and I was addicted to it!


 It Was From That Point On I Decided I Wanted To Help People With Their Weight Loss And Experience What I Did…

 So I decided I was going to be a personal trainer!

 It became my passion and obsession…and it still is to this very day….almost 30 years later!

 But, as with a lot of things in life the good times came to an end.  I ended up gaining the weight back.  And then some.

 I would continue to Yo Yo with my weight for many years.  The one thing that I kept noticing is the difference in the way that people treated me.  It’s sad but true that people will have judged you within the first few seconds of looking at you.(and yes there is actual scientific studies to back this up.)

 Listen, losing weight is the number one thing within your power to look better.  When you lose weight everything in your life will become better…pretty simple concept, isn’t it?


My Journey

My journey to become a personal trainer took me to the University of Winnipeg where I graduated with a  Bachelor of Kinesiology. (which is the study of human and non human movement.)  I then went on to further my education by acquiring my Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) throughout the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).  This certification is recognized as the gold standard worldwide for strength and conditioning coaches.


I Learned Hands On From The Top Strength And Conditioning Coach In The World!

 Even though I had all of this education I still struggled with my weight.  As embarrassing as this is to say, I didn't have all the answers to weight loss, even though I was a personal trainer!  I found out that learning out of a text book is not enough... I needed to learn hands on with real life applications.

 So I kept searching for the answer which lead me to finding out about the top strength and conditioning coach in the world.  He is considered the best of the best in the world in his profession and is who top athletes and movie stars hire when they want to get into tip top shape in record times.  I spent a small fortune to learn this stuff, but it was well worth it.

 I ended up spending 4 weeks with him learning “hands on” the tricks and techniques that people pay him an insane amount of money for….somewhere around $800 per hour for his consulting fees.

 With this new knowledge I was able to now go from getting average results to mind blowing results in record times with my clients!  


Over 10,000 Hours "In
The Trenches" Helping People Lose Weight


As the years have passed, I have continued, and continue to learn from the best in the business, constantly tweaking and refining my program.  At the time of this writing I have spent well over 10,000 hours (which most people consider the minimum amount of time to be considered and expert)  “in the trenches” helping people lose weight.  I have been able to modify and test techniques on clients to see what works in real life situations.

 The end result of this combination of education and almost 20 years of hands on experience is a kick ass weight loss system that in my opinion blows away anything out there.  It that finally solved my weight loss problems as well as for hundreds of clients, once and for all!  I understand it, I get it.  Fully, Completely.


Imagine This...

Now imagine what your life will look like when you finally lose all your weight and get healthy.  You'll...

  • wake up in the morning with a spring in your step ready to take on the day.  Endless energy from morning till night.  Imagine how much more productive and how much more you can accomplish when you are not tired all the time?
  • be able to buy clothes that look good on you and actually what you want to wear to show off all those curves in the right places, instead of buying whatever works to try and camoflauge your body!
  • be smiling from ear to ear daily from your increased self confidence that comes along with weight loss.  Over the years one of the biggest things I see with clients is the way in which they carry themselves after losing weight.
  • sleep easier at night knowing that you are doing everything in your power to help protect yourself from many deadly conditions and diseases.  By losing 10% of your bodyweight(which usually can be done in 4-8 weeks) you can drastically improve you markers for health.
  • be an inspiration for those around you.  Daily compliments will be normal and people will be asking what your "secret" is.  
  • look younger.  The number one way to look younger is lose weight in the face(that is actually the first place you lose weight).  Its common for people to look 10-15 years younger after they lose weight.  I see it all the time.
  • be living your life to the fullest!  A lot of people will shy away from doing things if they are not happy with the way they look.  They will avoid events, or simple things like going to the beach.  I have clients tell me they are so happy to be able to travel more or do stuff like this.  Its all about quality of life.


This will be your reality.



As I stated earlier I told myself once I solved this weight loss problem once and for all  I was going to help as many people as I could lose weight.  

 So what I finally got after all my education and experience and trial and errors is what I like to call my very own "Blaine Podaima's Rapid Fat Loss System". (Yes I know, very creative.) Don't be fooled at the simplicity of the name though.  The program is extremely effective.  


You Don't Need To Give Up Your Life For Your Dream Body

I needed to make a system that worked quickly was simple, brief, and allowed people to have a social life.  Yes some junk food and alcohol.  You don’t have to give up your life for your dream body!

 The system also had to work with just dieting alone as a lot of people do not have access to a gym or simply just choose not to workout.  


"I Firmly Believe This One Of A Kind Cutting Edge System Will Be Your Last Weight Loss Program…Ever."

As soon as you start this program you can expect these awesome benefits:

  •  rapid weight loss
  • hunger control
  • sleep better
  •  battle osteoporosis
  • posture correction
  • injury rehabilitation
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • cardiovascular improvements 
  • increased muscle mass
  • increased confidence
  • decrease in depression
  • increase in well being
  • increased immune system
  • decrease chances of heart, attacks, strokes and, diabetes
  • increase in energy
  • improve mood
  • stress reduction

 Don't Just Take My Word For It!  Look At Some Of The Amazing Results From My Clients!

And Last But Not Least...Myself!

This Is What You'll Be Getting With My Monthly VIP Membership Subscription:


1. Blaine Podaima's Rapid Fat Loss System

Introduction (14:22)
Module 1: Overview (57:17)
Module 2: Foods Metabolism And Everything Else (40:48)
Module 3: Mental Mindset (48:01)
Module 4: Diet (17:48)
Module 6: Workout (32:59)
How To Read A Workout Program (11:10)
Beginner Workout
Intermediate Workout
Advanced Workout
Home Workout

2. Premium Weekly Content

Each week I will be providing my members with premium content that will not only maximize weight loss but provide cutting edge information on anything related to health and wellness.  There will be special interviews, in-depth look at various exercises and tons of other stuff that you guys are going to love!


3. Private Facebook Support Group/Community 

With your VIP membership you will get access to my VIP community.  You will get direct access to me to ask me any questions you may have. I will literally hold your hand through the whole process if I have to.  I will do everything in my power to make sure you succeed!  You will also be able to communicate and network with other people trying to lose weight as well.  This might be the most valuable asset of the whole program!




 I'm Not Done Yet!  I Have Decided To Throw In Some Awesome Bonuses To Help You Even Get More Out Of Your Membeship!  (These are Yours To Keep Just for giving me a try!)

Bonus #1: Women’s Butt And Leg Home Workout. A program with videos that show you how to sculpt lean, toned legs and an amazing firm butt.  This program is excellent for when you are travelling or don’t have access to a gym. ($47 value)

Bonus #2: Interval Training Program. 3 different interval programs that allow you to incinerate fat without any equipment at all! Intervals have been proven to be far superior to regular cardio when it comes to losing fat rapidly due to their ability to raise Growth Hormone levels. Do these intervals a couple times a week and watch the fat literally melt off! ($47 value)

 Bonus #3: Posture Correction Program.  Fix your posture problems in a flash with this home based routine.  Not only does hunched over, shoulders rounded posture cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulders it also looks unsightly, gets worse with age, and is something people will judge you by. ($47 value)

 Bonus #4: Quickstart Grocery Checklist.  Follow this simple checklist to quickly get all the right foods and supplements.  You’ll be in and out of the grocery store in record time with all the essentials for your weight loss journey! ($27 value)

Bonus #5: Daily/Weekly Weight Loss Checklist. Simply check off this short list daily and it will be crystal clear on what you have to do to lose weight! No more guessing! ($27 value)

 Bonus #6:  Meal Journal Template.  Keeping a food journal is critical to your success.  Here is a template you an use.  ($27 value)

 Now I bet you are wondering how much this is all going to cost...

Well considering my hourly rate is $90/hour and I have over 3 and a half hours of videos=

 3.5x$90= $315

Bonus 1  $47

Bonus 2  $47

Bonus 3  $47

Bonus 4 $27

Bonus 5 $27

Bonus 6 $27

 Total Value Today = $537


So the total value of everything you would be getting today is $537.   But Im not going to charge that.  In fact I’m not even going to charge half of that.

 When you buy today you can get everything for only $97/month.   Which is an absolute steal since most of my clients pay me over $500/month for my services and in the past have paid me over $700/month.

 This offer won’t last forever.  Once I reach a certain number of people I will cap off the membership.  I want the quality of training to remain high and also I still do a lot of hands on personal training.  Once I feel that I can no longer service everyone with the high standards I hold myself to then I will close the doors.  No exceptions.


 30 Day 110% Money Back Gurantee

 Listen, I have been in your shoes before and I hate being taken so this is what I am going to do for you.  If you do not feel that you are getting exceptional service and value from your membership then let me know within the first 30 days and i will gladly refund your money.  I will also send you $10 by PayPal for wasting your time.  No hard feelings, no questions asked.


 What To Do Now

What I want you to do now is click on the yellow button below and place your order now.  It will take you to a secure check out order form where you will enter your contact information and payment details.  Once you do this you will get a welcome email with all of your login information and you can get started immediately!  Remember this is a monthly membership program which you will be charged $97/month.  You can cancel at anytime. 



Click The Button Below To Join Today!

See you on "the other side."


Blaine Podaima, CSCS




1. Will I lose weight If I follow this program?
Yes.  It follows the law of thermodynamics so unless you have some underlying medical condition then you will lose weight.

 2.  Do I need to exercise on this program to lose weight?
No you do not.  Although I highly encourage it to speed up results and for health benefits.  Bu it is not needed to see results

 3.  Do I need to join a gym to follow the workouts? 
No.  Although I highly encourage it I do provide workouts that you can do at home with bands and dumbells.  I also give interval training programs where you don’t need any equipment at all.

 4.  I have never worked out before is this going to be a problem?
No.  I have videos of each exercise showing exactly how to perform them

 5.  If you give away the diet and all the information why would I continue to pay monthly?
I will be giving you different workouts and diets to shake things up and keep you progressing and avoiding plateaus.  Also the direct access to me via the Facebook group is worth the monthly membership cost in itself.  I will do everything in my power to help you succeed.  Remember if we fail we fail together.

 6.  I have tried everything else and have failed.  How is this going to be any different?
I have had many clients say this to me.  I feel that this is the easiest most effective system that I have used in 20 years.  Plus the accountability and support will take your weight loss to another level.

 7. How do I cancel my membership?
Simply use the contact form within the site or email me and I will stop your payments immediately

 8. How do I get a refund?
Simply contact me from within the site or email me within the first 30 days of purchasing this membership and i will refund your money plus $10 for your troubles.

9.  Is there anyone who shouldn't buy this membership?
Yes actually there are!  Vegetarians and people with type 1 diabetes as the diet cannot be done by these people.  Also people who jump from one weight loss program to the next and are always looking for the "magic bullet" solution.  Yes this is going to take some will power, you are going to have to make some sacrifices.  Nothing good in life comes easy.  I want to work with and help people that make things happen and understand that they are in total control of their own destiny.  No blaming, no excuses.


P.S.  Remember if you don’t do anything about this today your life will continue down the same path and even worse…just buy now while you are thinking about it.  You have nothing to lose.



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